KitchenCru is a shared use community kitchen and culinary incubator. So, just what is a culinary incubator? Our mission is to support culinary based entrepreneurs in developing, operating, and growing a successful business. We aim to break down primary barriers to success by providing access to a fully equipped licensed commercial kitchen and private event space, as well as support services and business development guidance for our clients.

The facility is approximately 4800 square feet. 3200 square feet is dedicated to kitchen space, complete with enough equipment and prep space to support up to 5 concurrent operators, including a separate baking and pastry section. There is an extravagant amount of commercial cooking equipment and refrigeration available, as well as dry storage.

KitchenCru also has event space to host your functions. There is a chef's bar that seats 10 people, and a private dining area that seats up to 40 people. These facilities can be used in many ways: dinner events, teaching classes, tasting sample menus, corporate functions, etc.

But KitchenCru goes beyond simply making kitchen space available. We have everything you need to launch and run a successful business. Operational support services include accepting scheduled deliveries, providing onsite storage and office space, Internet access, and other logistics. Take advantage of our discounted pricing as a purchasing group from ingredient and equipment providers. Leverage referrals to professional and business services, including accounting, legal, insurance, banking, graphic design, marketing and advertising. KitchenCru pre-screens competent firms that can help our clients, and negotiates group rates.

Wondering how to deliver your product to the masses? We can set up a Web presence for you, complete with a commerce storefront. We will also establish a consolidated merchandising and sales channel to get our clients' products distributed locally to supermarkets and other outlets.

So, what is a culinary incubator? KitchenCru is a better place to make your food, and a place to make your food better.

Email or call 503-226-1400 for more information, or to become a Cru Member.